The Listening Room

Welcome to the Listening Room. This space will evolve over time with inspiring ideas and music from a variety of artists.

At this point I have made available a couple of complimentary guided relaxation sessions. The first called The Bubble” is from a guided meditation tape I made many years ago. It features music by the wonderful Richard Link

The Bubble

Guided by Catherine Potter. Music by Richard Link.


The second relaxation is from a cd I am currently working on titled “You and Your Breath”.

You and Your Breath

Unplug from your busy world and take a few minutes to center and start the morning with a guided relaxation, take an afternoon break or unwind at the end of a busy day. Enjoy.

Guided by Catherine Potter


For those of you who enjoy spoken word blended with popular song have a listen to a piece from the cd “Unfolding Myself” produced by Tomas Brabec at Octavo productions

Unfolding Myself

Taking the approach of “from the inside out” this is a spoken word piece by Catherine Potter from the cd “Unfolding Myself”.




Let It Be/I Hold You In My Bones

Let It Be vocals and piano by the talented Anna Beaumont.  I Hold You In My Bones written and spoken by Catherine Potter.