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Astrological Counseling Session (phone or in person)

Astrological Blueprint: What takes place in a session? Guidance on how to work with your unique astrological blueprint and suggestions on how to consciously work with your current planetary cycles. An  astrological overview of your primary triad. 

Cost $225.  This session is 90 minutes.

Yearly Update: What takes place in a session: Guidance on how to consciously work with your current and upcoming planetary cycles and progressions.

Cost $155. This session is 60 minutes.

Astrological Counseling: Do you want to gain clarity and release blocks that inhibit your growth?

 Catherine uses a combination of astrological counseling and hypnotherapy to help release blocks which inhibit your growth and happiness.

Booked over a three month period you will meet with Catherine three times. The first session is 90 minutes followed by two sixty minute sessions.

Each session is spaced one month apart which allows time to assimilate and integrate the awareness and clarity gained during a session into daily life. 

Cost: $495

Information needed for an astrological session: month, day, year, time of day (as close as possible) and city/country of birth.

Hypnotherapy Session (in person only)

What type of session is best?

Release Work: This type of session is good if you want to release a particular challenging pattern or limiting belief that you either inherited through family patterns, womb experience, early environment or past life.

Past Life: If you are curious about past life or have had a reoccurring memory that doesn’t come from your present life or family of origin themes. 

Cost $155  

The Pragmatic Mystic Series      Workshops & Courses 


Birth, Death and The Place In Between door

 The two doorways that bring us in and out of the unseen world are Birth and Death. What about the Place In Between?

In this perception changing workshop we explore

  • The quality of the creative act that was a vehicle for re-emerging back into the world and how it connects to our previous death experience.
  • The birth and death “womb” experiences
  • The nature of reality
  • Conscious living = waking up
  • Consciously working with the death experience and what may emerge out of not being able to let go.
  • Ways to listen to our subtle inner senses. Our five senses tell us what is real in the material world. Our subtle inner senses help us delve into the unseen.

This workshop is open to the general public and has no astrological content.  It is a required workshop for the “Astrology and Practical Mysticism correspondence certificate course. Start Date: September 30th.

Date: July 15, 16, 17, 2016     9 am – 4 pm      Cost $375

Coming In September – Online Astrology Courses

Astrological Foundations, A holistic approach – Introductory Courses

Astrology and Practical Mysticism – Intermediate Course




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Do you want to delve deeper in the study of Astrology or Hypnotherapy?
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