The purpose of regression therapy is to help a person understand and release the root cause of emotions and patterns that inhibit their ability to create a more nourishing and fulfilling life.

These patterns can start in early environment, the womb, past lives or be passed down through our ancestors.

By looking at a situation from the perspective and clarity of who we are now we begin to free ourselves from a loop that keeps us locked into the pain or glory of the past.

From that place of clarity we begin to realize that we have access to many resources and in any situation there are a variety of choices open to us.

Whenever we release a burden/perspective from the past it instantly opens up the possibility of a different, potentially more enriching future.


Hypnotherapy Session (in person only) Cost 155

What type of session is best?

Release Work: This type of session is good if you want to release a particular challenging pattern or limiting belief that you either inherited through family patterns, womb experience, early environment or past life.

Past Life: If you are curious about past life or have had a reoccurring memory that doesn’t come from your present life or family of origin themes. 



Are you interested in
becoming a Hypnotherapist?

An 18 month certificate program is available at Northern Star College. More details on the Northern Star College Website.

I went to the field that a famous Sufi poet spoke of

the one beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing.

I got turned upside down and couldn’t right myself

I paused to catch my breath

tired from the struggle of trying to get back up

and while upside down

in the place in between

my heart emptied its sorrow.

© Catherine Potter