There are certain points in the year that correlate with the mutable signs in astrology which are Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

These are the times when we are shifting from one season to the next. The change at first is not always noticeable, it is subtle, but then as the month progresses we get visible cues.

For example, during the month of Pisces (February 18- March 20th) winter begins to lose it’s hold and we see more melting and a noticeable increase of daylight. During the time of Gemini (May 20- June20/21) spring begins to let go and gives way to summer, winds are warmer, the daylight hours rapidly increase.

 During the month that relates to Virgo (August 22 – September 22) the changing level of light again becomes noticeable as daylight decreases, the trees begin to change color, air cools and summer begins to give way to Autumn.

Nature teaches us that the universe and everything in it are always in some state of change.

 Change takes place over time, incrementally and tends not to be noticed until some external event marks it.

Change and flexibility go hand in hand. During these transition periods we have an opportunity to look at where we have become rigid. Where, in our minds, perceptions and bodies we could use more flexibility.

A rigid body is helped by activities that promote flexibility. One needs to approach the development of flexibility patiently, noticing how through time the body is able to bend more. You don’t use force, you stretch and breathe, respecting where the blocks in the muscles/organs/spine are and trust that through consistent attention the body will open and let go.

If your mind needs exercising in order to become more flexible one of my favorite reminders is to use “as well as” rather than “instead of”.  In conversations or types of thinking/study it allows for integration and a mind that is open to learning. There is room in the world for different approaches to life and world views. A flexible mind adapts, knows when to stay on a particular course of thinking or action and also knows when to shift.

During the Autumn period we naturally tend towards eating warmer foods, change our skin care regimes or begin to wear warmer clothes.

This month rather than resist the changing of the season see what happens when you consciously work with it.

You may notice that your body and mind experience more flow and flexibility. Enjoy your month! Catherine


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