All Eyes on the Sky “The Place In Between” August 2017 Newsletter


 All eyes are on the eclipse on August 21st but there are two things we need to remember one, it is the start of a new moon cycle and therefore activates an area of your life for a month (longer because it is an eclipse) and two it emphasizes the fire element.
Fiery energy can be inspiring, stimulating, warming and in the wrong hands hot

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August 2017 New Moon- Eclipse; Mercury Retrograde

Living In Sync With The Monthly Solar/Lunar Cycles

Once a year the new moon (for the period of a month) will highlight a particular area of your life. When I refer to a month I’m referencing the lunar not calendar month.

Working consciously with the new moon helps you to be in harmony with nature and your own unique

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Calendar 2017/2018








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January 2018

Earth Spirit Medicine  certificate begins January 2018.

Many of the Earth Spirit Medicine courses can be taken individually so check out the line-up of courses. 

 Crystalline Gem Therapy Certificate certificate program

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