Holistic Mind Under Construction

One of the things I love about astrology is its ability to orient us by helping us understand where we are in either personal or global cycles.  Most people have heard about the incoming Aquarian Age and the plethora of information regarding it.

As we hear about the advancements in sciences, technology, personal development etc., as well as the struggles we currently are experiencing globally it is easy (with the help of astrology) to see where we are in the process of the unfolding of a new age.

The unfolding of a new age happens over generations. The last fifty years quickened the process. Through the advancement of technology and sciences we have broken through previous limits and opened the door to unlimited possibilities.

Our reality has shifted, our borders are less defined and we have the possibility to link up and bridge seemingly diverse fields which then would allow us to put our separate pieces together to created a brilliant whole.

Keeping in mind the idea of a new age unfolding, we are currently experiencing a wrinkle in the unfurling. This kink makes perfect sense as we have come face to face with our desire for diversity (uniqueness) and our fear of diversity.

Where are we getting stuck? Our “ego is no longer our amigo” ( I didn’t coin this phrase but I love it). What does that mean? We all want to be part of the human race, experience union and connection yet we also want to feel unique and special.

To get a better sense of this think about group dynamics ( unified group endeavors and global family are  key components of the Aquarian age). We know we should share information and resources but if we do the other group may get ahead of us and then we won’t be special. We won’t be the chosen ones anymore and our fear of losing that designation and all the resulting accolades and resources that comes with it stops us  from making even greater human advancements.

This is a hard mindset to break even for groups within the same field never mind seemingly opposite ones.

My mind boggles with the possibility of where we can go if ever our opposing politic parties brought their ideas and strategies together and truly teamed up to run a country. A natural progression of that would eventually lead to better teamwork when it comes to global economies and peace efforts.

The dilemma we are at is one that ties into a basic fear we all experience. It is encoded in the primitive part of brain? Do I have to give up my me – ness to get along with you. Will I lose my special-ness and resulting resources associated with it?

Intellectually we know this isn’t true. The more creative and responsive part of our brain tells us that  we can experience both our uniqueness and our interconnection. No only can we do this we have a desire for the experience of interconnection.

It is a new version of an old story – good angel/ bad angel on opposing shoulders whispering to us. Now it is primitive mind/ creative, holistic mind and our ego has these two minds feeding it information.

I guess it really boils down to deciding on a day to day basis which mind we want to create our reality with. What makes us feel the best, feeding fear or feeding unlimited possibility?

It seems like an easy answer but we all know it isn’t. Not in the personal or collective choices we make.

To get to the next point in our evolution we need to make personal and group choices that promote unlimited possibility and interconnection over fear. What makes this doable? It is one choice at a time.

Enjoy your month- Catherine♥ 


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