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Embodied Astrology ©

Introductory Astrology

What is embodied astrology? In a word it is connection. As we explore the rhythms and flow of celestial forces we learn how those same forces exist in our world and within each one of us.

Through the study of astrology we begin to embrace the astrological archetypes we represent. As we make that deeper connection to self we more easily learn how to be in harmony with others and the universe.

In Introductory Astrology as well as learn the basic language of astrology students will learn about birth charts, which are our energy blueprints, in an experiential way .

To learn you are a sun sign in Aries and therefore Mars based is interesting; however to feel how comfortable you are holding Mars energy and learn how to consciously work with it takes astrology to a deeper level.

As we gain greater clarity we begin to experience the alignment and flow between our personality and our essential nature.

For those who want to further develop their understanding of astrological principles, incorporate astrology into their current career or become a professional astrologer Astrology Level II and Level III deepens the understanding of astrology, as well as how to use it as a diagnostic and counseling tool.

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Intermediate Level Astrology

Astrology & Practical Mysticism Summer Camp

July 12th – July 16th, 2018

Take your understanding of astrology to a whole new level with this holistic and practical approach.

  • Topics include
  • Death, birth, the earthbound and cosmic womb
  • Chakras, the physical and subtle bodies
  • Karma and the law of cause and effect
  • Personality and soul fusion…….and more

Participants need to have an understanding of basic astrology language as well as aspects and transits.

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Contact Catherine:

or 780-447-3667.